Hinged & French Patio Doors Omaha

A Welcoming Entry for Your Home
Hinged Patio DoorsWhen considering home renovation or remodeling, French doors are one of the most elegant design additions that you can make. These replacement door styles are popular because they are attractive, functional, and allow a large amount of light into a room.

Benefits of French Doors

  • Open up a room to the outside
  • Extremely customizable in style
  • Energy efficient with double-paned glass
  • Multi-point lock system ensures security
  • Both sides of the door open as opposed to only one
  • Give the illusion of additional space
  • Function as windows, allowing for more light
  • Conveniently incorporate outdoor decks & patios into your living space


A French door is a door that has multiple lites, or pieces of glass that are cut and fit for the full length of the door. French doors made of double-pane glass may have the decorative grill embedded between the panes. Also, French doors can have decorative patterns cut into the glass for an elegant touch.

Hinged Patio Doors Omaha

The Window World French-Style Sliding Patio Door makes it easy and affordable to add a beautiful entryway to your home. Featuring the distinctive styling of a Hinged Patio door, this innovative design combines traditional elegance with the functionality of a floor space-saving sliding door. Details such as a 5″ top rail and 7″ bottom rail are complemented by a gracefully curved handle, further accentuating the premium quality and appearance.

Design Innovations for Exceptional Performance

French-Style Sliding Patio Door
  1. Premium vinyl mainframe and sash extrusions are colored throughout – won’t chip, peel, crack or warp and never need to be painted.
  2. Mainframe and sash feature a double-wall design and multi-chambered construction for outstanding strength and thermal protection.
  3. 5″ top rail, 7″ bottom rail and 3″ side rails feature mortised joints to achieve traditional “French door” character and charm.
  4. 1″ thick insulated glass unit with warm-edge spacer saves energy year-round by reducing the transfer of heat and cold.
  5. Dual internal/external weatherstripping on the sash ensures optimal energy efficiency and performance.
  6. Steel reinforcements at the interlocks and lock rails increase strength, rigidity and structural integrity.
  7. Steel tandem roller system with nylon-encased steel wheels ensures quiet and easy operation of the door panel.
  8. Mainframe joints incorporate closed-cell foam gaskets for superior sealing.

Color Palette

Hinged Patio Doors

Decorative Handles

Choose a beautifully crafted handle to complement the appearance of your home.
Hinged Patio Doors

If you have a beautiful patio or backyard, you certainly want immediate access to this area, and there is no more elegant way to create this passage than with Hinged and French doors. Learn more about whether Window World Hinged or French Door installation is the best fit for your home by scheduling a free in-home estimate.